Information on TIR

TRaumatic Incident Reduction (tir)

Traumatic Incident Reduction, commonly referred to as TIR is a specialized therapy technique focused on the processing and reduction of traumatic symptoms a person experiences related to particular traumatic events. 

At SWFCC, our Licensed Mental Health Therapists - Elisa & Tia are educated, trained, and possess experience providing these specialized techniques. 

Detailed information on the process of TIR can be found here.

As TIR is a specialized therapy technique, that requires particular training and certification by the Clinician, some out-of-pocket costs may be associated. 

If you are interested in meeting with Elisa or Tia to determine if you are a good candidate for this type of therapy, please click here to request an appointment.

Testimonial - "I will never be able to thank Elisa enough for pushing me to get my past trauma out. TIR was very intense but I know I wouldn’t be where I am with starting my life over without her. I’m a very touch cookie to break but she never gave up on me. She helped be tear down a wall so deep that I see daylight again. I can never adequately express into mere words what she did for me, what she taught me and gave me. I never thought I’d be able to overcome my past drama and trauma but thanks to her I have come to terms with it and know how to handle my anger and emotions. Thank you God for putting Elisa in my path when I needed her the most."