"I will never be able to thank Elisa enough for pushing me to get my past trauma out. TIR was very intense but I know I wouldn’t be where I am with starting my life over without her. I’m a very touch cookie to break but she never gave up on me. She helped me tear down a wall so deep that I see daylight again. I can never adequately express into mere words what she did for me, what she taught me and gave me. I never thought I’d be able to overcome my past drama and trauma but thanks to her I have come to terms with it and know how to handle my anger and emotions. Thank you God for putting Elisa in my path when I needed her the most."        

" We would like to thank Southwest Florida Counseling Center and in particular, Melissa Williams, for the help that we received. Once a week, for several months she was a welcomed and comforting face during a difficult time; her professional attitude was only overshadowed by the genuine human empathy and compassion the she exhibited at each session. The demeanor that she exuded, told us that we were a honestly a concern for her and if, at anytime in the future we should need to, we could call on her without hesitation...She was, and is, a blessing...Thank you

"Ms. (Tia) Nagel's perceptiveness of what I can do to improve my lifestyle was evident during my first session. Together we have             developed ways to prevent situations and people from causing me pain, stress, and anxiety. Her plan and professionalism work well for me." -Carol

"She (Corvette) is attentive to my concerns. Time flies during our session and she always ensures that I am scheduled to meet my schedule."

"My experience with counseling was awesome. I loved that every Thursday I got to see Mrs. Porfert's beautiful face and her wonderful attitude and advice." -Hailey

“I am happy with SWFCC and have had a great experience here”

“Elisa Niles has been wonderful in helping my son deal with behavior issues. She’s also been a great resource for me as a parent. I have learned so much from her.” -Madeline

“It’s comforting to know that there is someone to whom I can discus personal issues and whom I know I can trust”. -Naomi

“My experience has been great. I feel like a better person since I’ve started treatment. I’ve learned to cope with my problems way better than before.” -Rebecca

“ My counselor is very helpful with my problems”.

“They are good with my son”. -Phyllis

“Both my daughter and I see Mrs. Christine. She is an excellent listener. I always feel better after seeing her. My daughter also enjoys her visits. I notice a positive change in her after visiting with Mrs. Christine.”

“My therapist is very aware and helpful with my problems. I always leave in a cheerful mood. After 15 years of therapy, Christine is the first to address my problems in a direct and helpful manner.”

“My experience and my counselor has always been positive and helpful. I truly wish that I would have not feared seeking help as long as I have because I know I am a different person now.” -Michelle

“They are very caring people.”

“The first time I walked into SWFCC, I felt comfortable and was made to feel like I mattered. I’ve always been treated kindly and with respect. Thank you Christine Rykiel and SWFCC!”

“Counselor very patient, excellent with explaining how to deal with certain situations.” -Beth

“The fact that my daughter is excited to see her counselor Elisa, is the most calming feeling. She has a person that listens and help her with the complicated problems. A child should be comfortable with her counselor and feel free to talk, without worrying about being judged. This is a great place.” -Kati

“I have been here for a year and I feel more in control of myself.”

“My counselor has helped me stay positive, be an open ear for me to vent to and whether I agree or  I am right or wrong, she tells me what I need to hear. I am very pleased here at SWFCC and highly recommend them.” -Samantha


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