monique smith,

masters student intern- marriage & family therapy

Monique Smith is a Master Level Student Intern as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Monique earned her undergraduate degrees in a dual program of Psychology and Sociology at The University of New Mexico and her graduate degree from NorthCentral University.  In 2009 after completing her undergraduate degree she relocated from New Mexico to Southwest Florida with her son.  During that time Monique started her graduate degree focusing on Marriage and Family Therapy.  Monique has a strong belief in family restoration and preserving family units as a whole. This innate belief and faith in the wholeness of families, of every shape and size lead Monique into the blessing that she has now found in her own blended family!  Monique and her son are now an intracule part of a happily blended family where she has the privilege of being a wife and mother to three additional children.  

Monique’s experience includes working with parents that have children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Monique is the former owner of F.A.I.T.H Life Coaching, which taught parents basic behavior modification techniques that facilitated parents at home with children that had been diagnosed with an ASD.  Monique has an extensive history working with abused, neglected and abandoned children, victims of human and labor trafficking, pregnant teenagers and their families, the Children’s Network and a diversity of volunteer and non-profit organizations.  Monique’s personal view that families come in every shape and size, come from all cultures and with a diversity of needs is her drive to help you restore yours, however; that may come to be!

  • Therapy Provided: Individual, Group, Families, Couples

  • Ages Seen: Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults, Seniors

  • Specializes In: Autism, Anxiety, Adjustment, Developmental disabilities, Relational conflict, Trauma, Marriage & Family, Psychotherapy, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, DBT, Systems, Brief Strategic

  • Credentials:  BA - University of New Mexico

    • Trauma Informed Care for Children in Foster Care

    • Modification Coach - ASD

Contact: (941) 249-4354 ext. 36