Brooke Kremm

Brooke is a Masters Level Intern. She is completing her master’s degree in social work from Louisiana State University. For the past five years, Brooke has been working with adults whose primary diagnosis is schizophrenia, schizoaffective, bipolar I, bipolar II, and/or major depressive disorder. During this time, Brooke has worked with many clients who have a dual diagnosis. During her first internship, Brooke spent six months interning at a drug and alcohol detox/residential facility in Charlotte County.   

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monique smith

Monique Smith is a Masters Level Student Intern as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Monique earned her undergraduate degrees in a dual program of Psychology and Sociology at The University of New Mexico and her graduate degree from NorthCentral University.  In 2009 after completing her undergraduate degree she relocated from New Mexico to Southwest Florida with her son.  

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