Do Valentines' Differently

Every year people in relationship celebrate their love with flowers, cards, candy, and dinners. But, what about celebrating in a way that would help strengthen your relationship as well as celebrate it? Generally, we try to show each other our love with presents, dates, or saying “I love you”, but not everyone feels loved in those ways. This Valentines’ Day why not plan some time with your significant other growing your relationship by getting to know each other better? Most people think they know everything about their significant other’s thoughts, feelings, and stories; but even people who have been together for years can always learn something new about each other.

You can do this in a fun way like a 20 Questions game, sharing childhood and teenage memories, discussing the things you like most about the events in your relationship, or even discussing the things that each of you are interested in as hobbies.

You can also use Valentines’ Day to make goals for your relationship together for the upcoming year. Make a few short-term goals and a few goals that are a few years out. What milestones would you like to reach as a couple? This helps foster a more positive bond by making achievements together throughout the year to reach your goals. Then when this time of year comes up again you will be able to discuss your progress and achievements together.

You can also improve your emotional bond as a couple by discussing openly and honestly with your partner what you do that makes them feel truly loved on a regular basis. Evaluate what to this point has gone well and what has not gone so well for each of you in your relationship to date. Together you can make a plan to improve the things that need improving for the upcoming year. This can provide new insight into their emotional needs that you may not have considered before.

Whatever your celebration decisions are, make sure to be with your significant other without distractions like the television and cell phones if possible as this will make each of you feel like you are together in the moment celebrating.

If you find that things are not going as well in your relationship this year make a plan to have this be the year you change it. You can do this on your own as a couple or by attending a relationship enhancement workshop, marriage retreat, or simply attending some couples’ counseling sessions. Improving your relationship will only improve your lives on a regular basis and help you strive to work better together to be able to celebrate many more Valentines’ Days in the future.