Adapting to Change

It’s that time of year where a lot of us are making New Year’s Resolutions, and a lot of us are refusing to do so! But if there’s one thing to be said about the new year, we will all endure change of some kind. Whether you are grieving a loss, in the process of a career change, expecting a new edition to the family, trying to lose weight or having to learn how to work with a new person in your life, we all can expect to undergo changes throughout the year. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle. By utilizing some of these tips you can ease into many of the changes this new year will bring:

·         List the impending changes that you are feeling resistant towards

·         For each item/concern listed divide it under two categories:

o   Aspects out of your control

o   Aspects within your control

·         Write down specific actions you can take to assist in easing into the change


For example: Let’s say your boss just hired someone in your department, and you find out this new person wants to move up in the company and obtain the same position that you are trying to achieve! If you were to utilize the tips listed, here is an example of how it may look:

·         Subject: New Hire

·         Aspects out of my control:

o   Cannot stop anyone from being hired or fired

o   Cannot deter new hire from working towards the same position I want

·         Aspects within my control:

o   How I conduct my work

o   The manner in which I work with others in my department (including the new hire!)

·         Actions I can take:

o   Maintain open lines of communication with my supervisor to clearly express my interest in the future position

o   Show my supervisor through the actions of my work responsibilities that I have what it takes to obtain the future position

o   Be polite and approachable to the new hire, as we were all new hires at one point or another, and who knows… that person may end up being a great ally in your professional and/or personal life

Remember that you still have choices despite the changes that occur that are outside of your control. If you find that you are experiencing significant difficulty with upcoming change in your life, or have been unable to successfully adapt to a recent change give us a call. Our therapists at Southwest Florida Counseling Center (SWFCC) will assist you in finding a way to move forward effectively. We are here for you and ready to help!