Angela harris,

Registered mental health counselor intern


Angela is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern for the state of Florida and holds a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling from Walden University.  She is originally from Brooklyn, New York and has been a Florida resident since 2001. Angela enjoys, the arts, writing, spending time with her family, volunteering, and traveling. 

Angela has a multi-modal theoretical perspective to mental health that can be applied in the treatment of substance-abuse disorders, behavior disorders, eating disorders, addictions, mood disorders and other psychological disorders that respond to therapy.  She takes a comprehensive-holistic emic approach working together with her clients to create appropriate treatments that will lead to positive outcomes. She understands that life can be challenging and considers internal and external factors that may negatively effect a persons normal daily functioning.  She further believes that most people are capable of achieving their greatest potential and is responsible for their own happiness and overall well-being. 

"To live means to develop. To live is like learning to swim.  Do not be afraid to make mistakes, because there is no other way to learn to live." by  Alfred Adler

"The ultimate use of power is to empower others." by  William Glasser 

"Life is a journey not a destination" by Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Therapy Provided: Individual and Families

  • Ages Seen: Children, Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults, Seniors

  • Specializes In: Depression, Grief/Loss, Anxiety/Panic, Fear/Phobias, Addictions/Substance Abuse, Child/Adolescent, Parenting Skills, Life Skills, Assertiveness Training, Attention/Hyperactivity, Personality Disorders, Impulse Control,  Anger Management, Assertiveness/Boundaries, Trauma/Stress, Adjustment Disorders, and Age-related Problems.

  • Credentials: 

    • MS - Walden University

    • BS - Phoenix University

Contact: (941) 249-4354 ext. 34